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Help us, Please!

Only $19,500 per episode… wait what?

Dude, that’s expensive! $19,500 sounds like a lot for each new episode.

Not really. Each episode requires a pretty impressive team. Fortunately, we are animation professionals and our experience helps us optimize the entire fabrication process. From scriptwriting and storyboarding, to voice recording, modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, rendering, editing, musical score, etc. (take a breath), every piece of the puzzle goes towards a high quality product that will last.

One promise: Not a dime of your backing dollars will be used for anything else than making a powerful series of life-changing parables.

Alain Auderset

Alain Auderset

A successful comic strip artist, author, comedy actor and musician. Since 2001, as a faith-based artist, he has self-published multiple comics albums and has sold over 110,000 copies in multiples countries. His unique style has won him multiple awards throughout Europe, with the most notable being at the renowned international comic festival of Angoulême, France. Married and father of four children Alain lives and works in a truly unique old church building, at Saint-Imier, in Switzerland.

Moondog Animation

MOONDOG Animation

MOONDOG Animation Studio is based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Our team draws from decades of experience creating animated projects focused on content that moves and inspires people. We believe in finding unique projects like Willy Grunch and bringing them to life through new and innovative 3D animation techniques. We’re excited about this project and have already invested countless man-hours to get it to this point. Go Willy Grunch!

Jon Hohm

Jon Hohm

For two decades, Jon and his wife Kelli have dedicated their lives to helping students find their true purpose, equipping and preparing them for life and a lasting faith. Jon has a love of adventure and creativity, seeing something from nothing take place. In 2013, he joined the staff at Seacoast Church, SC, where he serves as the student pastor for all of the Seacoast campuses. Jon and Kelli have three children.